5 Art Exhibits in Des Moines to Visit this Spring

The coming season commences with the arrival of new experiences, including a blooming art scene with a plethora of captivating exhibitions to explore. With the promise of warmer days ahead, the following are five art exhibits in Des Moines to check out this spring. 

Dive into intuitive artist Justin Beller’s dynamic pieces with “Shapes Under Water” at Moberg Gallery. Beller’s zodiac water sign inspired the series and aims to evoke the natural feeling of shapes under water. The artist uses raw wood and paints to tell stories utilizing abstract and vertical compositions. The exhibit in Des Moines will be available to view until March 2. For more information, visit

“States of Becoming” at Des Moines Art Center

One of the newest collections to debut at Des Moines Art Center, States of Becoming,” explores the multifaceted journey of self-discovery and identity for a group of contemporary African artists working in the United States. This exhibit examines the complexity of relocating, resettling and assimilation in a foreign land with over 17 artists featured in this exhibit, each telling their own story. “States of Becoming” can be viewed until May 12. For more information, visit

Pappajohn Sculpture Park

Pappajohn Sculpture Park

Take a stroll through the heart of Downtown Des Moines and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Pappajohn Sculpture Park this spring. Featuring a stunning collection of 30 monumental sculptures by renowned artists, this 4.4-acre outdoor gallery offers a unique fusion of art, nature and urban landscape. Spring is the perfect time to experience the park, with nature’s bounty and warm weather blooming. For more information, visit

“Here and There: Flânerie, Memory and Identity” at Olso Larsen Galleries

Curated by Patricia Levin, Mary Jones and Gohar Droshakiryan, “Here and There: Flânerie, Memory and Identity” explores the intersections of place, nostalgia and identity. The pieces are inspired by memories of places, the struggles of finding your true self and shedding light on silent stories through the embodied experience of walking. Visitors can experience this exhibit in Des Moines until April 6. For more information, visit

“Hurricane Season”

“Hurricane Season” at Des Moines Art Center

Face the chaos of the world with “Hurricane Season” at Des Moines Art Center. This powerful exhibition features multiple artists as they showcase how environmental and political violence shapes our lives and communities. This display also highlights that our world is worth rebuilding and protecting, even under harsh conditions. “Hurricane Season” is available to peruse from June 8 to Sept. 22 at Anna K. Meredith Gallery. For more information, visit

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