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Haley  Wedemeier
Fabulous People

Fabulous People: Haley “Stallie” Wedemeier

Haley “Stallie” Wedemeier is the owner and baker of Stallie’s Sweets, a baked-to-order business in Huxley, which takes its moniker from Stallsmith, Wedemeier’s maiden name. You might spy Stallie’s Sweets’ Treat Trailer (the newly renovated 1972 Layton camper) at events around Iowa, like Locally Grown Showcase in Madrid, or the neighborhood brewery.

iowa farm sanctuary
Nonprofit of the Month, Philanthropy

Nonprofit of the Month: Iowa Farm Sanctuary

Iowa Farm Sanctuary, located in Oxford, provides a safe haven to rescued farm animals in need of love and compassion. Here, Shawn Camp, executive director and co-founder, discusses Iowa Farm Sanctuary’s first-ever 5k, the challenge of aiding farm animals in an agricultural state and how the rescue positively affects humans just as much as its cows and goats.

doug goettsch
Fabulous People

Fabulous People: Doug Goettsch

Doug Goettsch is the co-founder and director of hospitality at the ever-expanding Big Grove Brewery. “What started off as a desire to have the best brewpub in Iowa morphed in to one of the largest breweries in the state.”