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Best Spots to Picnic

Few things scream summer quite like a quaint, outdoor picnic or barbecue. And fortunately, Iowa’s landscape boasts miles of gorgeous, untouched land that’s perfect for picnicking. Here are a few of the best spots to picnic in Iowa this summer.

chelsea johnsen
Fabulous People

Fabulous People: Chelsea Johnsen

Chelsea Johnsen is the owner of Sisters in Cheese, a cheese-based catering business in Madrid that likes to share the spotlight with other local small business. “We’ve focused on working with other small businesses (Snus Hill Winery in Madrid, The Cornucopia in Ames, Sugar Grove Goods in Dallas Center, and more) to bring our product to more people and help lift each other up during a difficult time for small businesses, especially those in hospitality.”

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10 Iowa Beaches

With spring in our midst and summer right around the corner, it’s that time of the year to start planning trips to the beach to cool off in the waters and soak up the sun. Here are 10 top beaches in Iowa to help you plan the perfect warm-weather getaway.

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Where to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Iowa

With Mother’s Day nearing, it’s imperative to get a plan in place so that you can celebrate your mother properly—whether that’s via unique events or fun dining experiences, there are plenty of ways to shower your mama with love. Here’s where you can celebrate Mother’s Day in Iowa this year.

jordan brooks
Fabulous People

Fabulous People: Jordan Brooks

Jordan Brooks is a creator, educator, facilitator and owner of KNWSLF: Creative Approach to Identity. KNWSLF, which stands for KNowedge, Wisdom, Self Love and Fellowship, blends the creative process with identity exploration and development strategies to guide people on their personal and collective journey toward knowledge of self.