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Oktoberfest Celebrations

In Iowa, Oktoberfest festivities go beyond mere beer and bratwurst; they allow communities to unite and immerse themselves in German culture. So, seize your cherished stein and prepare to raise a toast at some of the following Oktoberfest celebrations in Iowa. Prost!


Creative Indoor Activities and Art Classes in Iowa

Whether you’re looking to escape the weather or eager to make the most of your weekend, Iowa offers an abundance of indoor havens for immersive experiences and artful pursuits. From the art of candle making to the stroke of a paintbrush on canvas, the following are some of the top creative activities and art classes in Iowa. 


5 Outdoor Fitness Events

As a state renowned for its picturesque landscapes and a strong sense of community, Iowa offers an ideal backdrop for individuals seeking to nourish their physical well-being while fostering connections with like-minded individuals.

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Fabulous People: Ivy Boyd

Des Moines-based makeup artist, Ivy Boyd, specializes in makeup for weddings, photos and commercial shoots and has done so for nearly 12 years. “I only use and promote cruelty-free products as animals are my first true love; makeup is second.”


Fabulous People: Mandy Stephenson

Mandy Stephenson is the owner of Des Moines-based April + August Photography, named after the birth months of her two children. “My goal is to create photos that are standalone art as well as a collection of vibrant and joyful images.”