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Templeton FORTITUDE Bourbon Makes Its Debut

The highly anticipated Templeton FORTITUDE Bourbon, from Iowa’s own Templeton Distillery, has hit store shelves nationwide. This debut marks an historic milestone as the distillery unveils its first bourbon release and maiden distillate.

The launch of Templeton FORTITUDE Bourbon marks the brand’s evolution from independent bottler to distiller. “It’s thrilling to be part of this historic moment for the Templeton Distillery and the incredible community of Templeton, Iowa,” says Shane Fitzharris, senior vice president of Commercial at Infinium Spirits. “We are very excited to bring our distillery’s inaugural distillate to the world and showcase the innovation and craft that we have at Templeton Distillery through this fantastic Bourbon release.” 

templeton distillery
Templeton Distillery

Templeton FORTITUDE Bourbon is born from locally sourced corn and cultivated in collaboration with local farms within 15 miles of the distillery. The 92-proof/46 percent ABV, natural, non-chill filtered bourbon delivers a flavor profile bursting with complexity through a unique mash bill consisting of 55 percent corn, 40 percent rye and 5 percent malted barley. Its aroma combines delicate floral and grassy notes, paired with hints of spice, black pepper, sweet vanilla and lemon peels.

Templeton Distillery–a cornerstone of the small Iowa town–boasts an annual production exceeding 3 million bottles. Its 34,500-sq.-ft. world-class distillery also serves as a visitor center and museum, with a bottling plant facility on site and a pair of maturation and barrel warehouses.

The award-winning Templeton FORTITUDE Bourbon retails for $39.99, available nationwide and in select international markets. For more information, visit www.templetondistillery.com.

209 Rye Ave.
Templeton, IA 51463

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