Fabulous People

couple in love

Fab Couples: Iowa

Meet four Iowa-based power couples who share their dreams for the future, most cherished traditions (from picnics to morning coffee, together of course) and what they love most about one another.


Fabulous People: Jolene Jungling

Jolene Jungling is the lifestyle blogger behind itsjolene.com, which launched in 2020. “I write about all things lifestyle, motherhood, wellness, beauty and style. I’m a full-time working mom but absolutely love blogging as often as I can.”

Emily Salmonson

Fabulous People: Emily Salmonson

Emily Salmonson is the owner of The Green House, a plant-themed cocktail lounge in Iowa City. “We are all about comfort and hospitality at The Green House and strive to become a place for everyone to enjoy greenery all year round.”

linda tong

Fabulous People: Linda Tong

Des Moines-based Linda Tong is the CEO of Linda Tong Planners. “I started Linda Tong Planners in 2017 when I would create entirely handwritten planners for co-workers and friends. [The company] has expanded to more stationery such as notepads, notebooks/journals, stickers and more.”

bridget good

Fabulous People: Bridget Good

Bridget Good is the owner of Iowa-based b.e.good mobile boutique. “As a clothing boutique, b.e.good carries affordable clothing for a classic, yet effortless look. I believe women at any age should feel happy, comfortable and stylish in the clothing they are in.”