Igloo Dining Experience Iowa

Cutest Igloo Dining Experiences in Iowa

Thanks to igloo dining, the pre-pandemic days of limited (mostly indoor) restaurant seating are long gone. Dozens of Iowa’s most popular local restaurants and haunts have adapted to COVID restrictions by introducing a fun—and totally cozy—dining alternative through dome or “igloo” dining.

Embracing the spirit of the season takes on a whole new meaning with these charming, heated bubbles. Here are some of the cutest igloo dining experiences to try out in Iowa.

Treehouse Pub & Eatery


While many restaurants embraced the igloo dining trend in 2020 (as a result of COVID), Treehouse Pub & Eatery was actually way ahead of the curve, having introduced their own interpretation on igloo dining way back in winter of 2019. The private, heated igloos provide a wintery escape from the brisk outdoor temperatures, all while serving cozy seasonal fare for an elevated (and totally festive) dining experience. For more information, visit www.treehouseqc.com.

Barn Town Brewing

West Des Moines

Des Moines’ own Barn Town Brewing takes igloo dining to a whole new level with an igloo farm of sorts. With four private, heated igloos—which can be reserved from December through March—boasts a “cabin feel decor,” all while serving up some of the brewing spot’s most delicious bites and spirits too. For more information, visit www.barntownbrewing.com.

Tin Roost Dining Igloos Iowa
Tin Roost. Photo courtesy: Tin Roost.

Tin Roost

North Liberty

While normal-sized igloos cater more to smaller parties, Tin Roost’s igloo dining options can actually seat eight people in each of its three private igloo spaces. Plus, beyond its festive lighting and heating accommodations, Tin Roost’s igloos will now each boast their own cozy, festive theme this year too. For more information, visit www.tinroost.com.

LP Streetfood

Cedar Rapids

Enjoy the festivities of the cozy season all season long with LP Streetfood’s outdoor igloo dining offerings—which includes festive lighting, charming decor, an electric fireplace and a Bluetooth speaker, plus a number of flavorful food and drink offerings. For more information, visit www.lpstreetfood.com.

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