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Nonprofit of the Month: Dream Catchers Foundation Inc.

Dream Catchers Foundation Inc. comprises a group of volunteer, licensed beauty professionals in Des Moines, all using their talents to support women, men and children with chronic or terminal illnesses, along with their caregivers. Here, Tricia Rivas, founder of Dream Catchers Foundation Inc., discusses how the nonprofit came to be and ways readers can contribute.

What is the mission of Dream Catchers? To rejuvenate the spirit through the human touch for men, women and children. We provide free salon/spa services to men, women and children that are terminally and chronically ill. We will also provide free services to the caregivers. 

What prompted the start of the nonprofit? Dream Catchers was founded while I was doing respite care for Hospice of Central Iowa. One of the patients was needing a haircut, and I offered to do it. That one haircut turned into many, and I knew that this could be a service that would mean so much to those that are ill and their caregivers. 

tricia rivias
Tricia Rivas

What is the greatest reward in being involved with Dream Catchers? The greatest reward of being involved with Dream Catchers is seeing our client’s face light up after they received a service. They could be having the worst day and we have the gift of turning that day around for them. Everyone needs extra love and attention at times. We provide that for them.

What is the biggest challenge the nonprofit faces? The biggest challenge for nonprofits right now I feel is finding volunteers. People are very busy and sometimes it can be hard to make that extra time to give back.

What are your goals for 2023? To keep going strong with our partnership at John Stoddard Cancer Center. We provide salon services every Wednesday to those affected by cancer. 

How can readers help? Spread the word to any of your beauty professional friends that would like to donate some time in providing free services. You can also make a monetary donation at www.dreamcatchersfoundationinc.org/make-a-donation.

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