Quad Cities Launches New Art Experiences

Let the Quad Cities Public Art Path and Great Glass Hunt be your personal tour guide while exploring countless museums, murals and other local masterpieces. Stay up to date with the ever-expanding Quad Cities art scene with the help of this one-of-a-kind experience.

Using a mobile-based platform, the Quad Cities Public Art Path has developed a year-round trail that includes both temporary and permanent local art. You’ll encounter sculptures, murals and galleries where you can browse and buy art while exploring the Quad Cities. You’ll have access to check-in codes for each piece of art you see as you travel the trail’s numerous sites. The featured destinations provide personalized viewings of the Quad Cities’ complete curation. And as the art scene further develops, more stops will be added to the inventory.

Quad Cities

With so much to learn about and look forward to, this Quad Cities art experience will have you itching to discover all of the local art. The tour includes plenty of Instagram-able murals, like the Floreciente banner, full of vibrant shapes and colors, as well as the Fred & Ethel’s Mini Park Mural, portraying flowing flowers in the quaint downtown. And if you haven’t yet seen the Isle Stairs Mural, you’ll have to take a gamble on this iconic deck of cards-inspired installation. 

In addition, there are more than 250 decorated glass floats dispersed around the Quad Cities for the Great Glass Hunt. The floats are marked with interactive QR codes to help you document your treasure hunt finds. All of the hand-blown glass was created by Hot Glass and is hidden throughout parks in Bettendorf, Davenport, Moline and Rock Island. You can collect as many floats as you can get your hands on because the Great Glass Hunt isn’t over until all of the orbs have been secured and uploaded.

This mobile-exclusive passport is where your art journey begins and your seasonal boredom ends. Each user’s experience will be a little bit different, but that’s the fun of it. So let your phone and imagination guide you through the Quad Cities, surrounded by stunning sculptures, amazing architecture and mesmerizing masterpieces.

For more information on the Quad Cities Public Art Path and Great Glass Hunt, visit visitquadcities.com.

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