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Holiday Decorating Trends From Lori Wiles Design

Tis the season for decking the halls! Lori Dickson Wiles, founder of Lori Wiles Design, a Cedar Rapids-based firm, discusses ways to turn your home into a tasteful holiday paradise.

Indoor décor:

“We’re incorporating natural elements into everything, including Christmas decorations,” says Wiles. “These elements make people feel more grounded and connected to the earth. We’re using small plants, sliced agates and pyrite (the stone that is supposed to bring good luck and abundance), and non-toxic candles to create sparkle and warmth. I like to add some recycled glass or sand as a base contained by a tray or platter.”

Wiles also notes that selecting things that can be used year-round in other ways is appealing as its eliminates waste and the need for extra storage.

Lori’s nature-inspired holiday tablescape

Pretty up your patio:

“Decorating your patio has many benefits,” says says. “When you add pretty lights, you’re sharing some holiday spirit with your neighbors and automatically visually expands your interior space. Your guests are drawn to the outside space as well, encouraging everyone to get some much-needed fresh air.

Wiles also recommends jazzing up your planters and pots to add some alfresco holiday cheer. “Placing sticks and greenery in existing garden pots and wrapping them in soft twinkle lights is a timeless classic. The sticks and greenery can be composted later, and the pots and lights reused next year.”

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