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Restaurant of the Week: Falbo Bros Pizzeria

With three Iowa locations, Falbo Bros Pizzeria is a casual and easily accessible dining destination serving more than just delicious pizza. The long-time favorite also tempts taste buds with subs, salads, wings and more.

Falbo Bros Pizzeria is located in Coralville, which is between North Liberty and Iowa City. There are also two other locations in state: Downtown Iowa City and Dubuque. The Iowa City locale was the first to open in 1992; the Coralville location opened in 2018. This now-franchise, originally started in Wisconsin, has grown to more than70 locations nationwide. Each location has the freedom to put its own unique spin on the menu and creates a welcoming environment for customers.

Falbo Bros Coralville is a great option for a take-out spread for the family or a grab-and-go lunch on those busy work days. The pizzeria serves a $6 lunch special that includes two slices, which change daily, and a drink. This spot makes it easy to place to-go orders, with a few tables available for a dine-in experience (all safety protocols are being followed). The cafeteria-style space allows for guests to watch the pizza being made, and the dough being tossed into the air. Pizzas are made within 10 minutes, thanks to the stone-deck pizza ovens.

The unique flavors of pizza–from taco to buffalo chicken to bacon cheeseburger–will ensure that everyone finds an option they’re excited about. One of the classic pizzas at Falbo Bros is the Slaughterhouse Five which includes sausage, pepperoni, bacon, Canadian bacon and beef. This meaty pizza is made on a thin crust that holds all of the toppings well and also has that perfect cheese pull. (Just check out the photo at the top of the page!)

The spinach cheese bread is a must-try appetizer with the right amount of garlic and cheese and the surprise of the spinach tying everything together. The wings are absolutely delicious and are battered and fried in-house, and then tossed in a buffalo sauce. They offer a nice crunch, while the meat falls right off the bone. The sauce adds a zip of flavor but isn’t overly spicy.

Falbo Bros has online ordering and has several third-party delivery services within the area. Falbo Bros is opened Monday and Tuesday, 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Wednesday to Sunday, 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

For more information about Falbo Bros Pizzeria, visit falbobrospizza.com/

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