5 Axe-Throwing Spots

It’s a bad day to be a bullseye. Throwing axes is the new way to relieve stress and get in a workout while having fun. Gather some good company and check out these Iowa axe-throwing spots for an axe-citing time.

BustinAxe Throwing Range


Get in touch with your wild side and visit historic downtown Dubuque for some axe-throwing action at the BustinAxe Throwing Range. Aim solo or grab your friends; either way, this Iowa axe-throwing spot will have you feeling like dartboards are a thing of the past. Going solo is definitely a good idea before an upcoming axe-throwing event; with the help of a dedicated coaching staff, guests can learn the ins and outs of axe-throwing techniques to take down their opponents. However, if you go with a group, be sure to also check out the bubbly bar for beer, hard seltzers and wine. And once you get the hang of things, you can take things up a notch for a true Hunger Games-esque experience with a premium throwing package. This package lets guests test out their aim using not only axes, but knives, ninja stars, shovels and slaw blades. Beginning rates start at $20 a person for an hour at the BustinAxe Throwing Range. For more information, visit

Civil Axe Throwing

Civil Axe Throwing

Cedar Rapids

Axe throwing is a must-try activity to get rid of your winter blues, whether you want to embrace your inner lumberjack or just want to try out a new sport. Luckily, Civil Axe Throwing can help you learn what all the hype is about. This Iowa axe-throwing spot is a terrific place to commemorate an important event, hold entertaining team-building activities, or just unwind and compete with loved ones. And since fun and safety are Civil Axe Throwing’s main objectives, they have qualified teachers on staff to assist you until you get the swing of things and can begin progressing on your own. After all, if you’re going to throw hatchets or axes, you should at least receive some training first. Whatever the case, make sure you round up your friends or family and head to Civil Axe Throwing for an unforgettable axe-perience. Rates start at $20 on weekdays and $23 on weekends for an hour session. For more information, visit

Lumber Axe DSM

Des Moines

In search of a good time in Des Moines? Look no further than Lumber Axe DSM, the pinnacle of social entertainment, mixing the thrill of amusement park-style activities with fabulous food and a bar serving delicious drinks. This Iowa axe-throwing spot has been bringing guests the traditional axe-throwing experience since 2013, so they’re basically axe-perts on this competitive hobby. Here, you can challenge yourself, friends and family to some good old-fashioned fun. And not only is Lumber Axe DSM the prime place for axe throwing and escape rooms, it also marries a whiskey bar with a sports bar atmosphere to create the perfect party scene. Now, even the weekdays can be made a little bit more fun with the help of amusing axe-throwing lanes and a few drinks with friends. And if you end up being better than you expected, be on the lookout for leagues to challenge your skills even more. Either way, practice makes perfect; and with the help of an hour and a half session for $50, you’ll be an expert of the axe in no time. For more information, visit

Shiny Top Axe Throwing

Shiny Top Axe Throwing

Fort Dodge

If you’re looking for an Iowa axe-throwing spot that can be more of an all-night experience, definitely look into Shiny Top Axe Throwing. This local brewery in quaint Downtown Fort Dodge is the perfect place for delicious bites, brews and live music. To make things even better, the brewery has also recently added axe-throwing lanes. Perfect for girls’ nights, double dates and groups of friends, this popular pastime will make the evening even more memorable. And while visiting Shiny Top Brewing, be sure to check out the affordable flights of specialty beers, like the Stella Cidre, a gluten-free cider made from hand-picked apples for a crisp, refreshing sip. You also can’t pass up the opportunity to test out the pizza. With everything from chicken pesto to jalapeno popper, and even a crab rangoon pizza, the options are endless. Axe-throwing sessions are one hour long and cost $20 per person, up to a maximum of four. For more information, visit

Algona AXE House


Throw a little fun into your day and aim to hit the target at Algona AXE House. Aside from being a beloved family-friendly bar and grill, this Iowa axe-throwing spot has six throwing lanes made for destruction. At this joint, the flavors will be brought straight to the lanes so that you can enjoy a full menu and a beverage while watching your opponents take their turns. Even the menu gets into the spirit of axe-throwing. From axe-splitting shareables, like spicy axe chips and pretzel stix and queso, to full-size hatchet nachos loaded with your choice of steak, fajita chicken or carnitas. But you also can’t go wrong with an “axewich.” These creative hand-helds range from buffalo chicken sandwiches to Philly cheesesteaks. Axe throwing is $20 per person per hour and is available Friday through Sunday every weekend. For more information, visit

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