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Nonprofit of the Month: Hunger Free Holidays

This holiday season, the Food Bank of Iowa is hosting Hunger Free Holidays for the second year in a row. The fundraiser hopes to ensure that no Iowan will go hungry, especially during the holidays. 

With unemployment rates rising and a significant increase in COVID-19 cases this past month, Iowans are struggling to make ends meet, with most having to choose between paying for their health care, utilities or sacrificing their food.

In comparison to last winter, food insecurity has doubled for single households and tripled for those with little ones. The crisis is expected to steadily climb throughout the rest of 2020 and into the new year, according to Feeding America. 

In order to combat this crisis, the Food Bank of Iowa has brought back Hunger Free Holidays for a second time. The charity focuses on it’s goal of raising millions in order to serve its communities meals (throughout 55 counties), ensuring no Iowan will go without a meal this winter. 

The community can help the campaign by volunteering their time or donating to the Food Bank of Iowa. Any size donation helps, just $1 provides up to four meals. The food bank has a goal of providing 4 million meals this season.

To donate and learn more about Hunger Free Holidays, click here

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