Viking Mississippi Launches in Quad Cities

Cruise season is rapidly approaching and with more than 50 expected stops from national cruise lines, Quad Cities welcomes the brand-new Viking Mississippi. The first stop on its maiden voyage will be Davenport’s River Heritage Park on August 16.

Mississippi River cruises are becoming increasingly popular as they continue to offer more once-in-a-lifetime experiences than ever before. Guests can enjoy excursion stops at famous port cities, opportunities to taste local cuisine and an array of on-ship amenities. The river cruises are also vital for tourism and visitor economy, as guests are inspired to experience the best of what Quad Cities has to offer.

In particular, the latest state-of-the-art Viking Mississippi cruise liner will offer guests the opportunity to explore the Quad Cities first-hand. The boat itself features a pristine Scandinavian design which has been reimagined specifically for Mississippi River voyages. The modernity of the ship will be contrasted by the breathtakingly unique geographies of the Quad Cities, as well as the rich history that shines through the architecture and character of the area. Passengers will surely pique their curiosity as they encounter the impressive heritage of America’s Heartland.

It’s no surprise that many cruise ships call River Heritage Park a temporary home. The docking area provides a stunning panoramic view of the Davenport community and extends its hospitality with a plethora of on-land attractions, restaurants and outdoor activities. Expect to see a more bustling Davenport over the next couple of months as cruise passengers step out to explore the city.

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