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Top Des Moines Art Galleries

With a focus on mid-western and contemporary fine art, these five Des Moines-based art galleries are showcasing Iowa’s most exceptional talents.  

Olson-Larsen Galleries

This contemporary art gallery has been representing more than 60 mid-western artists since its start in 1979. Olson-Larsen artists are known for their commitment to their careers, national achievements and competitive placements in various exhibits. The gallery offers paintings, photography, sculptures and mixed media work. To learn more, click herePictured.

Artisan Gallery 218

Located in the heart of Valley Junction is Artisan Gallery 218, a contemporary fine-art gallery owned by a multitude of artists–for artists. The gallery presents work from more than 40 Iowans, featuring a collective of paintings, photography, sculptures and much more. The gallery also offers art classes and is open Tuesday through Saturday. To learn more, click here

Mainframe Studios 

Based in central Des Moines, Mainframe Studios is a nonprofit gallery with a mission to provide affordable workspaces for artists of all styles to permanently display their work. The gallery hosts a free entry the first Friday of every month, showcasing each artist’s discipline. To learn more or donate to the nonprofit, click here

Liz Lidgett Gallery and Design 

Liz Lidgett Gallery and Design 

Featured in Better Homes and Garden and Martha Stewart Living, Liz Lidgett’s art collection is a must-see for Iowans. Located on East Grand, Lidgett’s collection of art showcases the work of upcoming and mid-career artists from all backgrounds and styles of work. To visit the gallery and learn more, click here.   

Kavanaugh Art Gallery 

Kavanaugh has been featuring an exceptional collection of fine art from around the world since 1989. The gallery, located in Valley Junction, showcases original paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel and mixed media. To view the gallery and learn more, click here

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