New Mural at NewBo City Market

A new art installation has graced NewBo City Market in Cedar Rapids, curated by City View Community High School students in collaboration with Murals & More, a nonprofit supporting public art in Cedar Rapids

Bumble Bee Bouquet, a large canvas painting by artist Ali Hval, was added to NewBo City Market in Cedar Rapids in early June. This art piece was created with the help of students from City View Community High School, the nonprofit Murals & More and additional sponsorship from BankIowa.

The painting was created to capture the essence of NewBo City Market after students surveyed shopkeepers, staff and patrons to understand what makes the market special to the community. The students then dedicated a full school day to paint the canvas under Hval’s guidance, with each individual’s idea represented in Bumble Bee Bouquet.

“A bumblebee serves as a unifying force in this collaborative painting, symbolizing interconnectedness within the community,” says Hval, in a press release. “As it carries a ribbon, it metaphorically ties together the diverse threads of community, echoing its role as a pollinator weaving through the wildflowers of Iowa.”


“Painting the mural, I was surprised and impressed with how much we got to be involved with the process from beginning to the end. Getting to help paint the canvas was fun. Everyone got to help regardless of their skillset,” says Jonny, City View Community High School student, in a press release.

NewBo City Market staff welcomed the collaborative process to add new artwork to their space, as did De Novo Marketing, the next-door neighbor to NewBo City Market, which donated the space to create the artwork. Curt Gandy, a representative for project sponsor BankIowa, assisted with installing the large canvas. 

“BankIowa often looks for unique ways to support our communities, so when Murals & More contacted me about an opportunity to support a new public art project at NewBo City Market, I was all in,” says Gandy, in a press release. “Like many who live in the Cedar Rapids community, I enjoy seeing the murals that have enhanced our city landscape. BankIowa believes in supporting art and creative expression, so we are thrilled to partner with Murals & More, artist Ali Hval and students from the City View High School in bringing a new piece of art to NewBo City Market for all to enjoy.”

For more information, visit newbocitymarket.org.

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