Iowa’s Best Local Bookstores

There’s nothing more freeing than having the opportunity to get lost in a good book—and thanks to the vast selection of books provided through Iowa’s most beloved local and independently owned bookstores, readers can rejoice in the adventures they’ll enjoy roaming the aisles of these Iowan gems. Here are some of Iowa’s best local bookstores.

Beaverdale Books

Des Moines

This indie-focused gem is a favorite among locals looking for an escape—not only in a beautiful, charming space, but also through a great book (which Beaverdale Books undoubtedly has a lot of). The ever-expanding cultural scene in Des Moines has evolved into something truly special in recent years—and Beaverdale Books has helped to contribute to that through its varied selection of books, both old and new. For more information, visit

The Book Vine


Even more compelling than the character-ridden stories that fill the shelves of The Book Vine is the warm and magical character of the store itself. The shop is settled within a 115-year-old renovated brick building that boasts a deep-rooted history within the community. While the ambience can’t quite be replicated, it can be enjoyed by visitors and book lovers alike. Just be sure to indulge in a glass of wine or coffee, both of which are offered at the counter. For more information, visit

The Haunted Bookshop

Iowa City

The Haunted Bookshop boasts two floors stocked full with inspiring reads and a number of pristine collectible items. If you’re looking for older pieces of literature and other vintage reads, you’re sure to find it at the The Haunted Bookshop—where, despite the name, there isn’t really anything scary about this store, beyond its unparalleled charm and unbelievably low prices. For more information, visit

Book People

Sioux City

Settled on Hamilton Boulevard, Book People is really the perfect place for “book people.” The shop boasts an incredible selection of children’s stories, fiction and nonfiction books, hard-to-find comics, and so much more. Beyond the authentic collection of novels, Book People also has a hospitable staff that will guide visitors to have the most unforgettable experience in their shop. For more information, visit

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