Iowa’s Best Bike Trails

Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or just looking for a scenic spot to bike with your little ones, Iowa boasts a plethora of biking trails that are perfect for all cyclists. With winter (finally) coming to an end, it’s time to whip out the old bike and hit some of Iowa’s most beautiful trails. 

Wabash Trace Nature Trail


The Wabash Trace Nature Trail is one of Iowa’s longest, most popular trails. The scenic trek is perfect for seasoned cyclists, with it stretching 62 miles throughout southwest Iowa. It begins in Blanchard and flows until it hits Council Bluffs. This picturesque route showcases some of the state’s most beautiful farm fields and views of Loess Hills. The route is concrete, making for a smooth, relaxing ride. 

 To learn more about Wabash Trace Nature Trail, visit wabashtrace.org.

Trout Run Trail


A great route for the little ones and fishing enthusiasts, the Trout Run Trail in Decorah is an 11-mile trek that is smooth, flat and provides breathtaking views of the countryside’s lush plant life and streams. The trek takes you through five different streams that grant you access to fishing spots where visitors can feed or fish, and it runs next to the world-famous Decorah Eagle’s nest.

To learn more about Trout Run Trail, visit visitdecorah.com.

High Trestle Trail

High Trestle Trail


Perfect for biking noobs and the little ones, High Trestle Trail is a trek in Woodward takes you on a journey through both nature and art. The scenic trail is covered, providing protection from the warm sun and features spectacular views, 13 stories high, of the Des Moines River. If you make the trip after dark, the bridge trail is illuminated with bright blue lights and an abundance of eateries can be found at the end. 

To learn more about the High Trestle Trail, visit inhf.org.

Ewing Park Trail

Des Moines

Located in south Des Moines, the Ewing Park Trail is a shaded, winding trail that takes you through the dense forest of Ewing Park. The trek is excellent for beginners as it features a short venture, with a battle up the mountain to begin and a relaxing flow to the bottom. A playground can be found at the end of the trail for little ones, with picnic benches for a nice lunch in the forest.

To learn more about Ewing Park Trail, visit centraliowatrails.com

Fairfield Loop Trail

Fairfield Loop Trail


Spanning across multiple water bays, the Fairfield Loop Trail takes you on an adventure through the town of Fairfield. The trek is 15.9 miles, taking you through greenlands and wetlands until you end up at the end of the trail in Downtown Fairfield for some refreshing grub.

To learn more about Fairfield Loop Trail, visit jeffersoncountytrails.org.

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