Best Des Moines Breweries

Tap into Iowa’s thriving beer and spirits scene by visiting any number of Des Moines’ top breweries. With unique ales and an extensive selection of craft beer offerings, anyone can indulge in an authentic taste of the state. Here are some of the very best Des Moines breweries.

Confluence Brewing Company

Confluence Brewing Company boasts one of the most inviting environments in all of Des Moines—plus its ales are some of the most flavorful in the state. Beyond having knowledgeable bartenders who can speak to the tastes of each drink, the microbrewery also has tasting rooms and eccentric seasonal beer offerings. For more information, visit

1717 Brewing Co.

This warehouse-style brewery was started by Jerry, Phil and Matt Glenn as a tribute to their parents. The brewery has evolved into a staple spot of the Des Moines community, celebrated for its rich beer offerings and community-oriented environment. For more information, visit

Peace Tree Brewing Co.

Peace Tree Brewing Co.

Peace Tree Brewing Co. was founded on a passion for quality, authentic beers. Today, the company is on a mission to deliver handcrafted beers that celebrate not only how the brand has grown thus far, but also how it will continue to evolve—which is why many of the beers are actually named after things relevant to Peace Tree Brewing Co.’s story. For more information, visit

Fox Brewing

Founded in 2014, Fox Brewing is led by head brewmaster Brian Fox and specializes in delivering really great craft beer concoctions. Beyond delicious menu offerings, Fox Brewing boasts a casual atmosphere that’s perfect for unwinding and kicking back with a pint. For more information, visit

Exile Brewing Company

Exile Brewing Company has it all—a spacious patio, expansive menu and tasty beer and food offerings. The company culture is built on a community-oriented mindset that invites both locals and tourists alike into the space to sit back and indulge in a flavorful beer. For more information, visit

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