5 Spots for Sledding in Iowa

Now that winter is upon us, it is finally the perfect time to dust off our old sleds and warm them up at the hottest sledding spots here in Iowa. Here are top destinations to sleigh all day.

Mt. Crescent Ski Area

Honey Creek

Aside from its snowboarding and skiing trails, Mt. Crescent is famous for its wide ranges and enormous slopes (each being the length of three football fields). The range is open to the public, and even provides scenic lifts to help guests make their way back up the long hills. 

Hoover Elementary School

Iowa City

Though closed when the school is in session, Hoover Elementary’s sledding grounds are a favorite in its community in Iowa City. Its medium-length hills are just right enough for a short thrill for little ones, and easy enough for them to make their way back up on their own.  

Happy Hollow Park

Iowa City

For those looking for a thrill without leaving the city, Happy Hollow Park is the perfect sledding spot. The hidden destination shoots you down a short but steep ride through dense trees and terrain. The hill is fast-paced and located next to a busy street, so this spot might not be best for wandering little ones. 

Bright-Grand View Golf Course

Des Moines

With thrilling twists and turns, tall hills and lots of wide open spaces to slide around, Bright-Grand View Golf Course makes for the perfect sledding destination for thrill-seekers. The spot is free to the public and is located in Des Moines, on 29th Street and Guthrie Avenue.

Capital Hill

Des Moines

A top spot for sledders every snow fall is Capitol Hill in Des Moines. With multiple hills varying in size, Capital Hill is the perfect area for beginners and guests of all ages. Sledding is free, open to the public and located off of East Court Avenue. 

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