5 of Iowa’s Most Picturesque Small Towns

Iowa has no shortage of cozy cities and villages—many of which offer their own culture and unique hospitality. But a handful are can’t-miss destinations, with family-owned businesses, charming storefronts, and an extensive history that breaks down what truly makes Iowa so special. Here are five of Iowa’s most picturesque small towns.

Mount Vernon

Located in Iowa’s Creative Corridor near two of the state’s top cities is Mount Vernon—a town that perfectly blends small town charm with city culture ease through art festivals, cafes and quirky boutiques. For more information, visit


Amana Colonies

The Amana Colonies is a quaint area on the prairie of east-central Iowa. The town was settled by a group of German priests in the mid-19th century, and today the Amana Colonies is considered a National Historic Landmark beloved for its antique charm—accented by brick buildings and streets, lush gardens and towering street lanterns. For more information, visit


The town of Pella is regarded as “America’s Dutch Treasure”—and one visit to the area will confirm that. Pella’s strong Dutch heritage is celebrated all throughout the city through its colorful storefronts, abundance of tulips, and even a beautifully restored opera house. For more information, visit



Situated on the Des Moines River in Southeast Iowa is Bentonsport—a former steamboat town turned picturesque village. The town, which now also acts as a National Historic District, boasts a number of historical sites that are only elevated by the town’s breathtaking scenery. For more information, visit


The charming community of Dyersville—based in eastern Iowa—is steeped in a history that dates all the way back to 1848, when the town was founded by James J. Dyer. Tourists can explore historic sites, meander the picturesque streets and admire the town’s gorgeous surrounding scenery. For more information, visit

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