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5 Best Coffee Shops in Des Moines

While it may be the capital of Iowa, Des Moines maintains a cozy, small town feel that offers an unparalleled level of charm and warmth. The locally owned coffee shops that are nestled throughout different corners of the city are no different. Here are five of the best coffee shops located in Des Moines.

Horizon Line Coffee

Found in the Western Gateway neighborhood of Downtown Des Moines is Horizon Line Coffee—an open and airy cafe with a plethora of windows, old school charm and a menu that’s beloved for its composition of ethically sourced coffees. For more information, visit

Freedom Blend Coffee

A good cup of coffee is one where you can quite literally taste the quality of the beans. And at Freedom Blend Coffee—located in Downtown Des Moines—fair and direct-trade coffee is roasted in-house. Locals and tourists alike frequent the coffee bar for its vibrant atmosphere and efforts to support local and global communities. The coffee blends from Guatemala are a particular favorite. For more information, visit

Ritual Cafe

Ritual Cafe is a local staple of Des Moines. Visit almost any morning of the week, and you’ll find a bustling space that’s perfect for both grab-and-go orders, or to settle into for a cozy day working out of the office. The floor-to-ceiling windows fill the roastery with natural sunlight, and thought-provoking art pieces line the walls. The menu is completely vegan too! For more information, visit

Zanzibar’s Coffee Adventure

This roastery features unique menu favorites like Mexican spiced chocolate, and its Red Espresso drink uses Rooibos prepared on an espresso machine. The coffee creations are great, but Zanzibar’s has a specific reputation for its sleek and modern aesthetic. In short: it’s the most Instagrammable cafe in Des Moines for a reason. For more information, visit

Waveland Cafe

Come for the coffee, stay for the world-famous hashbrowns—at least that’s what the locals advise. This is regarded as the go-to spot in town for a fresh, All-American breakfast and an authentic taste of the city’s culture. If you’re looking for a quality cup of coffee and an extensive menu of food items, Waveland Cafe is a must-visit. For more information, visit

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