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10 Iowa Waterfalls

With the snow finally melting away, some of our favorite waterfall destinations in Iowa are reviving and making a roaring return. Here are the top 10 must-see spots for ‘fall connoisseurs, from hidden gems to popular natural wonders.  

Union Grove Lake Waterfall 

Tama County

A true hidden gem in Tama County, this natural wonder waterfall roars year-round and is a must to visit. The venture to the falls is short and features quiet water banks and plant life, making for a relaxing stroll into an oasis. You can enjoy a swim at the end of the trail near the falls if weather permits or stop for a picnic.   

Lake MacBride Falls


The hike to this water destination can be rocky, but is only a mile-and-a-half walk from the parking lot, making for the perfect place to bring little ones and furry friends. If the stunning cascade isn’t enough, the grounds also feature camping spots, fishing and picnic areas for family fun. 

Duck Creek Waterfall


This stunning waterfall is located in Devils Glen Park and is very dependent on rain and the melting snow to come alive, so it is a spring travel must. The trail to the falls is paved and simple, and forks into other hiking trails and picnic spots. The short-lived cascades flow over limestone as it makes its way into the Mississippi River. 

Richmond Springs


With turquoise waters and light cascades year-round, Richmond Springs is located in Backbone State Park, one of Iowa’s oldest state parks. The falls cascade into calm turquoise waters and is the perfect place to relax after a hike or catch a fish. 

Beulah Falls


Beulah Falls is a hidden gem in the campgrounds at Spook Cave in Clayton County. The visit does not require a hike, making it a family-friendly spot, and enchants you with soft waters falling over overgrown moss, stone and into the springs below. 

Siewers Springs and Falls

Siewers Springs and Falls


Hidden in the back of Siewers Springs Park, this man-made staircase cascade is a beautiful sight to see. Stop by for fishing, picnics and enjoying a light swim on sunny days.

Dunning’s Springs Park


Standing 200 feet in the air, this large waterfall in Decorah features more than just breathtaking views, but also is a lovely spot to picnic, snap some photos and enjoy extensive walking trails. Dunning’s is open year-round and is most popular for outdoor weddings and leisure activities. 

Bridal Veil Falls


Spring marks the perfect time to visit Bridal Veil Falls in Pikes Peak State Park. The overflow of rain and melted snow bring the waterfalls roaring back to life for a limited time. The waterfall sits amongst an overgrown forest, with lots of shade and botanical life. Plus, keep an eye out for small critters. 

Willow Creek Falls

Mason City

Though you are unable to make the venture to or into the waterfall, Willow Creek offers one of the most relaxing and soft water flows in all of Iowa. The breathtaking view can be enjoyed from a bridge on East State Street in Mason City. 

Malanaphy Spring Falls


Hidden in Winneshiek County, Malanaphy Falls is located along the Iowa River right next to Bluffon. The hike to the falls is only half a mile, through a rugged, vibrant forest, making it ideal for those who prefer a shorter hike but still a big reward at the end. The falls stand 10 feet high, engulfed in greenery. 

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