Top 5 Ice Cream Shops

It’s National Ice Cream Month, and what better way to celebrate than by trying the best shops in all of Iowa? From classic favorites to twists on tradition, there is flavor waiting to be tried for everyone.

Scoopy Doo’s


Open daily with over 75 flavors to choose from, Scoopy Doo’s is scooping up the best ice cream in all of Milford. With new flavors rotating into the menu yearly like the Cookie Monster, which is new for 2021, and ice cream for your furry friends, Scoopy Doo’s is a must-visit ice cream shop in Iowa. 

Wells Visitor Center & Ice Cream Parlor

Le Mars

Don’t just try the ice cream here; experience it in Le Mars, the “Cream Capital of the World.” The spot is famous for making the most ice cream in all of the world and allows visitors to tour production, learn more about crafting ice cream and sample all 40 of the shop’s flavors.

Black Cat Ice Cream 

Des Moines

The artisan ice cream shop offers eccentric twists on traditional flavors, bringing a whole new flavor experience to each bite. A chocolate ice cream infused with ghost chili is a fan favorite, in addition to Saturday Cereal. The Des Moines spot offers ice cream flights to allow visitors to try multiple flavors at once.

Whitey’s Ice Cream

Various locations

An Iowa staple since 1933, Whitey’s was not only the first company to use cookie dough as an ingredient in ice cream, but also created high-power malt machines to create the thickest consistency possible. Visitors can expect a rotating seasonal menu, in addition to classics like the Mississippi Mud Revel and Moose Tracks. 

Heyn’s Premium Ice Cream

Iowa City and North Liberty

With spots in Iowa City and North Liberty, Heyn’s brings dense and creamy ice cream to the table with a unique buttermilk base. Over 40 flavors are available to mix and match, including a refreshing seasonal menu. The shop also offers allergy- and vegan-friendly options.  

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