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Restaurant of the Week: Feedwell Kitchen & Bakery

Feedwell Kitchen & Bakery is located on the northeast side of Cedar Rapids, just on the edge of Cedar Rapids and Marion. Opened in September of 2020, Feedwell’s mission is to “feed people well” with its delicious selection of baked goods and breakfast and lunch dishes, as its name suggests.

Owners Melanie Abu-Nameh and Holly Ervin met at a tennis event and immediately bonded over their love of food. Years later, Feedwell was created. Chef Mel focuses on the kitchen and Chef Holly is responsible for the bakery, which makes for a perfect pair.

The atmosphere at Feedwell is inviting and cozy, and the design is farmhouse-chic meets industrial vibes. The tables are spaced to ensure socially distancing, with hand sanitizer at every table. The bakery and pastry items are on display as soon as you walk in, with the menu handwritten on the walls. The restaurant also has a display of its merchandise on adorable industrial-style shelving.

Feedwell offers many bakery and pastry items, along with delicious breakfast and lunch options, making it the perfect place for a casual meal with friends or meetings with coworkers. There is also a private room available to reserve that is suitable for private business meetings, or a spot to get together with your girlfriends for a brunch outing.

Feedwell has no shortage of delicious and appetizing menu items. Its bakery items will make your mouth water, and you will want to indulge and have one of each. From muffins to scones to cookies, flavors change each day. Feedwell even offer several gluten-free pastries, which are hard to come by in Cedar Rapids. A standout gluten-free treat is the Paris-Brest, with pastry bread and a praline whipped cream filling. This light pastry has a flaky crust and a creamy whipped topped. The scones are so moist, and each different flavor pops as soon as you take a bite. A few noteworthy scones flavors include the Cedar Rapidian (Crunchberry-flavored), Almond Bliss, salted caramel apple and cranberry-orange. It is hard to choose a favorite.

Feedwell makes 99 percent of its goodies in house, including all of the breads. This is a large reason as to why the Medianoche sandwich is absolutely delicious. This sandwich is a twist on the traditional Cuban sandwich but uses a sweet egg bread. The ham and roast pork are very tender, and the mustard and pickles are a good complement, to complete the flavor of a Cuban sandwich that everyone loves.

The roasted beet and butternut salad is a fan favorite at Feedwell. This spring mix includes shaved butternut squash, bits of beets, herb goat cheese and pepitas, topped with a pomegranate vinaigrette. The vinaigrette is light and doesn’t overwhelm the salad, while the goat cheese adds the tangy flavor. The salad is a refreshing, filling lunchtime option.

Another outstanding menu option is the grain bowl. It can be enjoyed either for breakfast or lunch, and will leave you feeling satisfied. This dish is packed with healthy, fueling ingredients like kale, freekeh, grape tomatoes, avocado and an over-easy egg, topped with an eggplant-yogurt sauce. This Middle Eastern-inspired, power-packed bowl has subtle flavors with a tangy sauce that rounds out the dish.

Feedwell is open for dine-in or carry-out and is available for catering orders, as well. It is open Monday to Sunday, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information about Feedwell Kitchen & Bakery, visit www.feedwellkitchenandbakery.com.

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