Healthy Restaurants in Des Moines

Kava DSM

At Kava DSM, summer is always in effect, no matter what time of year it is. And every dish is an edible work of art that you can consume with your eyes, your palate and a clear conscience. The restaurant is renowned for its organic ingredients, which are transformed into the perfect blend of healthy and satisfying. What sets Kava DSM apart is that it provides all of this and more in a vibrant, tropical setting that glows with lush greenery all year round. As for the menu, fruit is the star of the show. From stunning smoothie bowls garnished with all of your favorite fixings to Paleo almond waffles topped with bananas, honey and nuts, the fresh flavors are endless. Definitely try out the Sea Lily for a beautiful bowl brimming with coconut flakes, chia seeds and even edible flowers. In addition, the salads and traditional smoothies at this healthy restaurant in Des Moines are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner on the go. For more information, visit

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