Best Instagrammable Dessert Spots

Iowa has no shortage of charming boutique shops and locally owned restaurants all throughout the state—though none are quite as unique as the eclectic collection of dessert spots that are settled in cities like Cedar Falls and Dubuque, among others. Here are some of the most Instagrammable dessert spots to indulge in the next time you’re in Iowa.

Insomnia Cookies


Insomnia Cookies might be a bakery chain, but it’s safe to say that its Ames location is especially welcoming with its charismatic staff and warm ambience. The dessert spot is celebrated for an extensive menu of cookie offerings, late-night deliveries that cater to everyone’s sweet tooth, and even ice cream options at some locations. For more information, visit

Kathy’s Pies

Cedar Rapids

Kathy’s Pies was established in 1986 by Neil Weyland and was originally called Kathy’s Homemade Pies, Inc. The dessert shop currently services about 47 wholesale accounts, while also selling a variety of fresh pies directly out of the shop. Locals and tourists alike love Kathy’s Pies for its thoughtful pie creations and charming staff that make most anyone feel at home. For more information, visit

Sugar Shack Bakery

Sioux City

Few things are better than a dessert shop that places a high value on the taste and aesthetic of their baked goods. And the Sioux City favorite, Sugar Shack Bakery, prioritizes this and so much more. The low-key bakeshop features vibrantly decorated sweets like cookies and even some custom event cakes. For more information, visit

Here’s What’s Poppin

Cedar Falls

Who says the most Instagrammable dessert spots can only be reserved for sweet-centric spots? Here’s What’s Poppin is a gourmet popcorn shop located right off of Main Street in Cedar Falls. The quaint store boasts an impressive collection of unique popcorn flavors, including sweeter options like chocolate-covered cherry, along with more savory tastes like salt and vinegar or dill pickle. For more information, visit

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