Best Bagels in Des Moines

From local go-to hotspots to hidden gem destinations, Des Moines boasts the perfect bagel shops to stop by and celebrate National Bagel Month. 

Bruegger’s Bagels

Baking bagels to golden perfection for over 30 years, Bruegger’s Bagels offers New York-style bagels that are baked and served fresh daily. Each bagel is made with five simple ingredients–flour, malt, yeast, salt and water–and infused with unique flavors for the ultimate customized experience. Some local favorite flavors include rosemary olive oil, cheesy hash brown and cinnamon sugar. Each baked good comes equipped with cream cheese to complement, with 11 flavors to choose from like the sriracha honey or smoked salmon, to name a few. This spot is also gluten-free and vegan-friendly. 

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5 Borough Bagels

Locally owned and operated by a couple since 2016, 5 Borough Bagels serves the freshest handcrafted bagels in Des Moines. The spot offers 12 bagel options and 12 house-made cream cheese blends, each made daily with only locally-sourced, fresh ingredients. 5 Borough Bagels houses vegan and gluten-friendly options and to-die-for breakfast sandwiches like The Empire, featuring your choice of bagel, cream cheese, bacon, egg, sausage, ham and your choice of melted cheese. 

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NOSH Cheesecake Bagel

NOSH Cafe and Eatery

Offering on-the-go healthy bites and bagels, NOSH Cafe and Eatery is located in the East Village and offers a multitude of bagels and schmear flavors (a must to try is the luxe cheesecake bagel). The spot focuses heavily on being healthy, with each bite handcrafted with locally sourced, organic ingredients. There are vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, including vegan cream cheese flavors like sundried tomato and avocado-based bagels. 

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Caribou Coffee

Traditionally known for its incredible coffee, Caribou Coffee houses a hidden gem on its menu: freshly baked bagels. The spot offers five bagel flavors including asiago, hash brown, Everything, plain and blueberry, and a multitude of signature schmears. Each bagel is made with simple, recognizable ingredients like flour, brown sugar, yeast, water and salt as a base and natural flavors, like blueberry, elevate each bite. Caribou Coffee also offers bagel-based breakfast sandwiches and sweet pastries.

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