5 Fun Drink Spots in Iowa

From over-the-top, boozy milkshakes to Insta-worthy boba spots and zombified sips, the following are five fun drink spots to visit in Iowa. 

Zombie Burger + Drink Lab

Des Moines

Prepare for the apocalypse and head to the East Village in Des Moines for some boozy, zombified milkshakes. The spot boasts both alcoholic and non-alcoholic sweet sips, including the Human Centipeach with vanilla ice cream, peach puree, white cake batter, graham crackers and Dr. McGillicuddy’s Raw Vanilla Liqueur; and the Zombie Joe with vanilla ice cream, Jet Fuel coffee syrup, whipped cream and Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur. In addition to these fun shakes are soda floats, handcraft cocktails and some greasy grub. To learn more about Zombie Burger + Drink Lab, visit

Eden Tea

Des Moines

A kawaii boba tea spot, Eden Tea, resides in Des Moines and serves up the most adorable sips. The fun drink spot in Iowa uses K-pop and other Asian entertainment influences to curate a menu and events in honor of their favorite characters, K-pop members and holidays. Some musts to try include the Eden fruit tea with passionfruit, peach and orange notes; the Love Magic Potion with mango and strawberry; or a boba classic, the black sugar milk tea. To learn more about Eden Tea, visit




It should be no surprise to find Frydae here; the Marion spot is famous for its insane, over-the-top milkshakes that are simply a dream. If you haven’t been lucky enough to venture to the site, Frydae serves up loaded shakes and fries (not together unless you are feeling bold), in addition to ice cream, floats and more fries. Some favorite local show stopper milkshakes include the Cereal Killer with vanilla ice cream, Fruity Pebbles, strawberry puree and a Fruity Pebbles Cereal Bar; and the Everything but The Cookie Jar with Cookie Jar ice cream, Oreos, cookie dough, whipped cream and an oversized chocolate chip cookie garnish. Each shake can be topped with your own customized “extras” and comes complete with a cherry on top. To learn more about Frydae, visit

Prairie Lights Bookstore

Iowa City 

Speaking of aesthetic spots, Prairie Lights Bookstore in Iowa City boasts a hidden coffee shop inside its corridors with a relaxing vibe and an eccentric menu not found in most coffee destinations in Iowa. Prairie Lights Bookstore features a drink lineup with specialties like The Crystal Skull, with Cortado Coffee, Crystal hot sauce and drops of honey; The Rose of Tralee, a rich hot chocolate infused with rose water essence and petals; and The Hellbender (for vampires and all-nighters only), with four shots of espresso over ice, topped with a bitter ice coffee. Each sip is crafted with Stumptown Coffee and utilizes some ingredients from local purveyors. To learn more about Prairie Lights Bookstore, visit

La Tea Accessories and Beverage Shoppe

La Tea Accessories and Beverage Shoppe 

Iowa City 

La Tea in Iowa City is the go-to boba spot in the city, offering unique milk teas, fruit teas and even Greek yogurt teas. Each sip is handcrafted to perfection and served in Instagram-worthy, aesthetic cups like clear flasks, cans and Mason jars. Some flavors to try at the fun drink spot in Iowa include the new lychee tea with Greek yogurt and lychee puree; the taro milk tea with honey boba; and one of the 14 fruity milk teas, including lemon, watermelon, mango, pineapple and more. In addition to its delicious menu, La Tea also offers adorable accessories and eccentric gifts. To learn more about La Tea Accessories and Beverage Shoppe, visit

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