Travis Hempstead

Fab Dad: Travis Hempstead

Father-of-three Travis Hempstead is the owner of Iowa-based 11:11 Event Co., a design and decor rental company for weddings and events. Hempstead has also been a DJ in the wedding industry for 12 years. In honor of Father’s Day, let’s learn about this Fab Dad…

Dad to: Macee Faith,13; Harper Lea, 10; and Brielle Madison, 5

Hometown: Manchester, IA

Favorite ways to spend family time in IA: When we’re not busy with dance and gymnastics, we love to be outside. Taking walks in a park or playing outside with all the neighbors is where you’ll usually find us when it’s nice out.

Your most rewarding fatherhood moment: Seeing our girls compete in dance and gymnastics, expressing themselves doing what they love and doing it well! 

Biggest challenge as a dad: The biggest challenge has been juggling schedules, managing the daily lives of our three active children, and trying to build a new business while Erika, my wife and the mother of our children, has had to be away for months at a time getting treatments for her battle with cancer. 

A father who inspires you and why: My own father. He’s shown me how important it is to foster good relationships with everyone, to work hard for your family and to always be there as a supportive father in the good times and the very tough ones. He’s also shown me how important it is to keep close to God and trust in Him at all times.

Best piece of advice for a new dad: Being a dad is the best gift you’ll ever receive in life. Cherish all the moments and be the rock but also be emotional. Show love, lots of love, and not just to your kids, to everyone around you. They will always be watching and imitating you, so make sure you’re the shining example of who you want them to be as they go through life. When life gets hard, because it very well could at times, show them what adversity looks like. 

Your biggest hope for your children: That they grow up to be a relationship builder like me, and a warrior like their mom! That will get them anywhere they need to be in life.

How are you celebrating Father’s Day? We typically will do that with each of our families, with everyone gathered around enjoying grilling out and relaxing together.

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