Fabulous People


Fabulous People: Oliver Hassman

Oliver Hassman is the executive chef of Kalona Brewing Company, a native brewery with a made-from-scratch kitchen. “We love to keep things local and use as many local vendors as possible, from local cheese curds from The Kalona Creamy to grass-fed beef raised on JimRay Farms just five miles north of Kalona.

Maanya Pandey

Fabulous People: Maanya Pandey

Seventeen-year-old Maanya Pandey is the founder and president of Love For Red. The Des Moines-based nonprofit works to fight period poverty in local communities by donating menstrual products to places in need in Iowa.

Haley  Wedemeier

Fabulous People: Haley “Stallie” Wedemeier

Haley “Stallie” Wedemeier is the owner and baker of Stallie’s Sweets, a baked-to-order business in Huxley, which takes its moniker from Stallsmith, Wedemeier’s maiden name. You might spy Stallie’s Sweets’ Treat Trailer (the newly renovated 1972 Layton camper) at events around Iowa, like Locally Grown Showcase in Madrid, or the neighborhood brewery.

doug goettsch

Fabulous People: Doug Goettsch

Doug Goettsch is the co-founder and director of hospitality at the ever-expanding Big Grove Brewery. “What started off as a desire to have the best brewpub in Iowa morphed in to one of the largest breweries in the state.”

Ashley Flury

Fabulous People: Ashley Flury

Ashley Flury is the manager of Coach’s Corner, a sports bar and restaurant in Iowa City. Coach’s Corner serves as the local gathering spot to enjoy just about any sporting event and is also a supporter of nearby high school and University of Iowa athletics.

Megan McDaniel

Fabulous People: Megan McDaniel

Megan McDaniel is the wedding and social event executive for Iowa-based The Rewind Hotel, Hotel Renovo and Revel Hotel. “I work with our couples to help them plan, design and execute their event, helping them bring their vision for the big day to reality.”